About Us

What is LiveIt!LIVE all about? Growing live music everywhere.

Live music is increasingly rare. Before the existence of any kind of recording device, music could only be heard livewhen a musician, someone who sings or plays an instrument, or a group of musicians, performed. Musicians sang and played music for both their own enjoyment and for the listeners' entertainment. The engagement of musicians in the act of creating and playing music with others fosters social circumstances that cultivate many important musical skills, which today are becoming largely unknown. Live music is also especially powerful because it is a guaranteed interactive, social experience with the audience. 

The purpose of LiveIt!LIVE is to take advantage of these unique qualities of live music as it exists in New York and to more effectively develop and promote it.

New York is amazing and rare in its variety of musical genres and the massive number of excellent musicians who can play all genres. We want to emphasize the diversity of New York and to facilitate communication between all the musical cultures, therefore fostering further advancement of New York's musical melting pot.

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