Our Missions

We can demonstrate to venues and to business and community leaders, both new and old, the value of live music, which has been proven to increase business in every circumstance.

We want to increase the value of performances by establishing minimum standards for musicians payment and taking away their possibility of begging for gigs. Live music should always be affordable and benefit investors in many ways.

We want to increase the quality of music by supporting a culture in which musicians play frequently, interact beneficially, and create music in new ways.

We intend to facilitate all of these aspects by creating a coalition of music producers, local government agencies, people in the tourist industry, the theater industry, other cultural organizations, and music creators to unify the marketing of all styles of live music under one brand - LiveIt!LIVE.

We want to unify a database for information for tourists and New Yorkers alike so they can simply go to one place and truly experience the epitome of New York live music.

We want to create a platform for musicians to communicate with each other and to promote new collaborations.

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