Headliners: Mimi Jones and Camille Gainer Jones!

The Lab Session Jam Tour is a jam session that will be launched this fall in several cities around the country and continue throughout the year with NYC as its home base. It provides a warm and fun environment engaging and entertaining its audience while inspiring and challenging participating musicians/ vocalists/ dancers/poets/comedians to express themselves, featuring all styles of jazz, old and new.

The Lab Session’s mission is to bring together artists and make sure that all voices are heard. So often, jam sessions tend to be age specific, gender specific, or clique-ish. The Lab Session’s intent is to break those barriers and make the music accessible to everyone. Artists are encouraged to reach higher, to learn about the history of the music, and to leave with a sense of enlightenment and positive purpose.  

The Lab Session, was originally created in 2012 by Mimi Jones at Symphony Space on Broadway & 96th Street, moved uptown to Smoke Jazz Club in 2016 and is currently at the popular Fat Cat Jazz Club in the West Village.  

Hosted by bassist Mimi Jones and drummer Camille Gainer Jones, the Lab Session Jam Tour will also function as an educational tool, mentoring our youth. Boys and girls can learn to appreciate each other, and build confidence as they stretch their horizons. The Lab Sessions will encourage confidence and humility, and positively reinforce the development of character, responsibility, respect, compassion, creativity, coordination, and life skills in general, all of which are vital to advancing musicianship.
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